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Attendance limited to 25 leaders. Includes guided tour of the battlefield.
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News Update - For the sixth year in a row, the US Army has contracted LWMIII Consulting to conduct Balanced Readiness Seminars for future Brigade and Battalion Commanders and Command Sergeants Major. Over 1,600 leaders will participate in the training over the next year at Ft Leavenworth, Kansas. Click Here For More Information >>

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News Update - LWMIII Consulting, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, has been awarded a contract by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) in support of their Enterprise Leader Development Program (ELDP) to provide Leadership Coaching services. The single-award, indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract is for five years if all options are exercised. Click here for more information » Defense Logistics Agency
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News Update - We are proud to announce an affiliation with Chambers Bay Institute, a recognized leader in the areas of executive coaching and organizational development. Click here for more information pertaining to their world-class expertise.

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News Update - 2016 Miss America Contestants to participate in True Growth Leadership experience.

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One Day Portable Session Agenda

Exploring The Power Of Authenticity

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(Pre work: Leaders read The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz) Organization: Five leaders per table

8:00 - Introduction to the Seasons of Growth & the True Growth Model

Goal: Clear understanding of the four "Seasons of Growth" and True Growth models and their benefits to a leader and the organization; tie models into "Full Engagement."

Exercises: Leaders assess what Season of Growth they are currently in by taking the Seasons of Growth and Energy assessments; openly share at table.

9:10 - Break

9:20 - Exploring the Behavioral Competencies of an Authentic Leader

Goal: Clear understanding of the definition of authenticity and the characteristics of an authentic leader. Reinforces the need for an authentic leader to possess clarity of purpose (Calling), conviction of values (Character), and consistency of behaviors (Conduct).

10:00 - Values: The Core to Your Success

Goal: Numerous case studies presented of value driven and value vacuum leadership. Participants understand the value of possessing clear personal values.

10:30 - Break

10:40 - Exercise: Leaders work within a framework to identify five personal core values; openly share at table.

11:20 - Behaviors: Bringing Your Values to Life

Goal: Understand the value and benefits of exercising a set of behaviors to put values into daily practice.

Exercise: Leaders identify one personal behavior for each personal value. Share with table group.

12:00 - Lunch

12:50 - Your Life Story: Looking into Your Rear-view Mirror

Goal: Understand the crucibles in our lives that mold our values and Behaviors.

Exercise: Leaders identify at least three crucibles in their lives and their Impact. A personal "Life Story" graph is drafted. Emphasis is placed on the power of sharing one's story with others.

1:50 - Break

2:00 - Your Personal Purpose: Your Guiding Light

Goal: Emphasize the value of living with a purpose and the challenge to focus one's life in order to leave an enduring and satisfying legacy. Discuss how to frame a future "Life Story."

Exercise: Leaders draft their Personal Purpose and share it with others.

2:50 - Break

3:00 - Action Planning

Goal: Present the principles of action planning; provide action planning examples.

Exercise: Leaders draft a personal action plan and select an "Accountability Buddy" to work with for the next three months.

3:45 - Break

3:50 - Team Values Exercise

Goal: Conduct a Team Values exercise

Exercise: Leaders identify the five most important Team values for their organization and explore the behaviors that can be used to hold members accountable.

4:20 - Closing

4:50 - Complete Evaluations

5:00 - Seminar Concludes

Goal: Leaders depart the seminar with their own True Growth Model (purpose, values, and behaviors); first draft of a Life Story graph; a professional action plan; and "homework" to prepare a personal action plan.